Zplug and Others

Been a user of prezto for about 5 years now (ever since I started using zsh) and have always wondered what’s it’s like to either have a minimal zsh configuration from scratch, to use a plugin manager, or try out another framework. I went on ahead and checked out some zsh “tools” that I can migrate too. zsh from scratch is pretty hard for me and what I had in mind was that I don’t change zsh configuration often. »

Password Management using Password Store

Password Store is a command line utility for managing your passwords. The passwords are stored in an encrypted file which makes use of gpg. It also allows you to use git to track password changes. pass isn’t as feature-rich compared to Last Pass or 1Password though. Setup Setup is pretty easy. It only requires gpg which can be installed via brew. Optionally, you can install git if you want to track changes in your storage. »